Puig de Maria

The walk

Heritage, history, spirituality and the landscape all blend together in Puig de Maria, the old Arabic “almaira” (fortress).

In the ascent to this promontory of just 321 meters, isolated in the plain of Pollença, we can evoke memories of the first female convent congregation in Mallorca who established their dwelling here in the 14th Century.

In the summit, we find traces of the Convent of the cloistered nuns who lived there until the 16th Century, when the regular clergywomen of St. Augustine moved to the Ciutat (the city of Palma) and other religious nuns who established their residence there outside any religious order and were forced to abandon the Convent due to the pressure from the Bishop of Mallorca.

Another religious congregation of contemplative life and penitence, the Order of Sant Antoni (St. Anthony) and Sant Pau (St. Paul), also felt attracted to this mountain, they set up residence here in 1917; it too has left its mark in the Camí dels ermitans (Sanctuaries Trail).

Not suitable for: children’s pushchair, wheelchairs


Starting point:

Pollença, ctra. Ma-2200, km 51,8 (48 m)

Finishing point:

Pollença, ctra. Ma-2200, km 51,8 (48 m)



Time required:

1 h 39 min



4.192 m


Total ascent: 270 m

Total descent: 270 m

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