S'Hostatgeria del Castell d'Alaró

The refuge

This refuge of the Dry Stone Route GR 221 is situated on the peak of Puig de Alaró, S’Hostatgeria des Castell d'Alaró is linked together with the Mare de Déu del Refugi oratory, which ever since the 17th century has made this mountaintop a place of worship and pilgrimage. A visit to its immediate surroundings enables one to discover the significant historical heritage connected with the remains of the castle on the same mountain and appreciate the extraordinary view of the Serra de Tramuntana and the Pla de Mallorca from this natural viewing point. This could also be a starting point for a visit to the town of Alaró and the village of Orient.

On the mountain, there are archaeological sites from the talayotic age, and there is believed to have been some sort of fortification there in Roman times, but the first recorded instance of the castell d'Alaródates from the 10th century and refers to the resistance of the island population to the Moorish occupation. Following the Catalan conquest (of Majorca) the castle continued to be a key defensive point on the island. Nowadays there remain parts of the castle walls, towers and the water cistern.

The historical facts are, besides, enriched by the legends as he hoof print made by King Jaume’s horse or the legend of Cabrit and Bassa.


Facilities and services


Fundació Castell d'Alaró

(+34) 971 182 112


municipality of Alaró, 821 m 


30 beds. 6 dormitories (an 10-bed room, and five 4-bed rooms)

Common areas:

Dinning hall

Living room with fireplace


Toilets, electricity, hot water, heating, blankets and phone


Bar from 9 am to 11 pm

Other information

It´s necessary to carry a sleeping bag or sheets


The refuge can be reached from the variant D from the Ruta de Pedra en Sec GR 221, which starts at the refuge of Tossals Verds.

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