The EMbleMatic project (Emblematic Mediterranean Mountains as Coastal destinations of excellence), is part of the INTERREG MED program (2014-2020), in the Axis 3 program. Protection and promotion of natural resources and cultural.


There are 10 partners representing 9 Mediterranean coastal mountains, which are emblematic due to its history, an outstanding landscape and a strong identity charge: Canigó and Sainte-Victoire (France), Etna and Gran Sasso (Italy), Olympus and Ida (Greece) ), Pedraforca and Serra de Tramuntana (Spain), and Cika (Albania).


The aim of the EMbleMatic project is to create and to test a different tourism offer, based on the singularities of these mountains, as an alternative to traditional sun and beach tourism. But this project goes even further, since it does not deal as much with the creation of a generic tourism product, but rather with experiencing a way of conceiving tourism that combines both development and protection of natural environments, through the application of a more sustainable and responsible form of management of the tourist affluence and a greater participation and involvement of the inhabitants and local actors.

This project aims to rebalance the flow of tourism between the sea and the mountains, to lengthen the season and to improve the economic performance of the territories.


The project partners have adopted the modular Interreg MED cooperation approach to configure the project around three "modules", corresponding to different phases of a public intervention, namely:

  • STUDYING PHASE, for the development of strategies and policies focused on a deep study of the emblematic dimension, creating an operational methodological framework, applying it to each territory and a general study for the network of emblematic Mediterranean mountains.
  • TESTING PHASE, when to implement pilot projects, focusing on the creation of an eco-itinerary each partner mountain, following a common frame of reference for its implementation.
  • TRANSFERRING PHASE, to capitalize the results at the transnational level, which is based on the design of an eco-itinerary transfer guide and a quality reference for the emblematic Mediterranean mountains.

Finantial suport

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The total budget is 2.9 million euros

ERDF/IPA support is 2.529 million euros

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